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Luxury Brands Play Role in Luxury Furniture Industry

Ten years ago, the famous designer of Tom Ford ever said that, “Fashion could not be limited in apparel or fashion accessories industry; it should cover the whole life element.” This saying is being approved to be true by the entrance of luxury brands into furniture industry, brands such as Gucci, Fendi and Armani and so on. modern furniture thailand

Armani Casa is keen on the awesome touching of brilliant fabric. There is a general saying that, “If you don’t know what to dress up for going out, then choose Armani.” This just shows how big success the Armani has achieved in the fashion dressing industry. And people might not ever think that it will take part in the furniture industry. On September of 2000, when the Armani Casa Home Collection first came into the market, the public did not own good expectation on it. However, the designer of Giorgio Armani did not give up. So far, there are almost hundred Armani Casa Store opened over the world, and the proper balance between the tradition and the modern in Armani Casa furniture make it enjoy great fame among the market, and just fulfill the people who are so much captious in choosing the fashion.

Fendi Casa is wearing the fur. Fendi Casa achieved great success for its updating design points; they are keen on the using of the skins from fox, mink, sheep and sable in making the luxury furniture. All items are with the remarkable double F script and the unique Spy Bag ornaments. In each Milan Fashion Week, Fendi is able to offer the public the top feeling of their designs.

The latest Gucci Casa is designed from the inspiration of roadster. Gucci is famous for its luxury and nobleness. People are familiar with the Gucci Bags, Apparel, Tie and Perfume; not many people know that Gucci is also dealing with furniture. It is named FORMITALIA, which was born in 1968. All fabric for Gucci Casa are special and owing the brilliant feeling. The remarkable interlocking G logo from Gucci could be found in the most of the Casa. All Gucci furniture display the style from Paolo Gucci, they can be easily distinguished from each other. There are several series from the FORMITALIA, which are Quality, Fashion, Tasty, Luxurious and Comfortable. The latest coming out of the LAMBORGHINI is taking the auto element; the elegant lining, thick cow skin, the sort of seat cushion and the stainless steel ornaments are added to the items from the inspiration of roadster.


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